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Conscientious Subversive

is located within the libertarian and leftist oriented quadrant of the political compass. He enjoys reading and writing about Philippine history and politics, with a particular focus on the late 19th century up to the Second World War. Development issues and international relations are among his interests. A “cautious optimist”, he dreams of his country, Manila in particular, reclaiming its pre-war glory and arising from the ashes of its self-immolation. Though not in his patria adorada as of this time, he dreams nearly daily of it, and of coming home.

Conspiracy Theorists

live by the adage that in every silver lining, there is a dark cloud of despair. They think that for every desperate reaction, there must have been an illogical action.  They are optimistic about Philippine under-development — that it would persist perpetually. For them, the hopeless pessisimism that they are burdened with is both a curse and blessing, as they find fulfillment in sharing this misery. They vow to eliminate the irrational Philippine travel tax, to reform the tabloidic media outfits, and to kick-out the illegitimate witch in the palace.

Paranoid Android

is a humanoid, not a human. Unlike the conscientious subversive, does not believe in the political compass – instead, it believes in the ideology of political convenience. Thinks that the conspiracy theorists are pretentious pseudo-pessimistic louts who are destined to be beheaded because of sedition and bad grammar. Worships Michael Jackson, and thinks that he is as alive as GMA’s silicon implants, drinking mojitos in Tahiti with Elvis while laughing his pasty self to death.

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