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A Requiem for Cory Aquino

Posted by conscientioussubversive on August 1, 2009

Corazon Aquino was a woman of contrasts and ironies.

Cory Aquino: 1933-2009

Cory Aquino: 1933-2009

Born to a family of privilege, she largely shunned the limelight even as her husband was propelled to the forefront of opposition to the Marcos regime.

While personally above allegations of corruption and abuse of power, her allies and relatives continued to embroil her administration in scandal and ineptitude.

While she helped dismantle the Marcos autocracy, she re-established the rule of oligarchs and provincial warlords that existed long before Marcos came to power.

However, none of this diminishes the powerful ideal that she embodied: that individuals can stand up to tyranny in the face of overwhelming opposition. When she stood up to lead opposition to President Marcos in 1985, the world was in the grip of the Cold War, and oppressive regimes from South Africa to Romania were able to wield power with impunity.

It was Aquino that first proved that those autocracies were not immune to accountability. It was she who proved that people had the right to overthrow governments which had failed to protect their freedom and prosperity. It was she who proved that one did not have to be powerful to defend democracy, and she inspired people from Tiananmen Square to Rangoon to emulate her example.

Though she made many mistakes, she excelled in one thing that the world will remember her for: she never wavered in her faith in democracy. Even when her peers would admonish her for her faith in democracy, she stood fast.

And that demands the world’s respect.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas, Mabuhay ang demokrasya at kalayaan!


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