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Alternate Realities

is an account of what could be.

For too long, the Philippines has been trapped in a mess created by myopic, self-destructive politicians. As the rest of Southeast Asia evolved and progressed, the country stagnated under a backward political system. More than a century after the country first declared its dependence, over six decades since the end of World War 2, and 33 years since the end of the Marcos regime, the country remains in the grip of reactionaries, religious quacks, piratical entrepreneurs and warlord-politicians…

At least, they will until we take it back from them.

In the spirit of reform and growing political awareness in the country, this blog attempts to present ‘constructive commentary’. While many talented and dedicated writers and pundits have contributed their ideas to the national discourse, it has been our observation that many of these pieces focus exclusively on the problems of the country, while recommending little in terms of constructive recommendations for what our country should aim to achieve, holistically and comprehensively.┬áThis is not to disparage critical analysis of our country’s problems, however. When the need for incisive thinking and acerbic commentary arises, then this blog will answer that call.

However, the core mission of this blog remains in constructing a vision of the future, one which combines ideas from politics, economics, international relations and sociology in language that is accessible, yet meaningful. We hope to tap into the emerging Filipino consciousness in the blogosphere that refuses to accept the mediocrity that has become our stereotype, and to rally our other kababayans forward.

In constructing ‘alternate realities’, we hope to inspire hope in Filipinos and our friends everywhere, as we hope that the ideas published here will eventually transcend the barrier between words and action.